Yuke Wang

Yuke Wang is a fifth-year Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) candidate in the department of computer science at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). He got his Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in software engineering from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) in 2018.

At UCSB, Yuke is working with Prof Yufei Ding. Yuke's research interests include high-performance computing and deep learning algorithms. His recent ongoing projects cover graph neural network (GNN) optimization and its acceleration on GPUs. Yuke is also the recipient of NVIDIA Graduate Fellowship 2022 - 2023.

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[06/13/22] Our EL-Rec paper (the first Tensor-Train-based Large-scale Deep-learning Recommendation System) has been accepted to SC’22. Congrats to Zheng for his first PhD paper!
[06/09/22] Our Faith paper (the first GPU-based Transformer Verification framework) has been accepted to USENIX ATC’22. code is open-sourced. Congrats to Boyuan and all collaborators!

[02/06/22] I will be presenting our TC-GNN work on NVIDIA GTC'22 (03/24 at 11am PST). code is open-sourced. slides is ready.
[11/23/21] Received the NVIDIA Graduate Fellowship 2022 - 2023. Thanks to NVIDIA.
[11/16/21] Our QGTC paper has been accepted to PPoPP’22. code is open-sourced.
[06/22/21] Our APNN-TC paper has been accepted to SC’21. code is open-sourced.
[04/26/21] Our Palleon paper has been accepted to USENIX ATC’21.
[03/16/21] Our GNNAdvisor paper has been accepted to OSDI’21. code is open-sourced.


  • [06/2022-09/2022] Research Intern, NVIDIA Research.

  • [06/2021-09/2021] High-Performance Engineering Intern, NVIDIA.

  • [07/2020-09/2020] Research Intern, Alibaba US.

Professional Services

  • [09/2022] ASPLOS’23 Artifact Evaluation Committee

  • [08/2022] POPL’23 Artifact Evaluation Committee

  • [08/2022] ACM Computing Survey Reviewer

  • [07/2022] MICRO’22 Artifact Evaluation Committee

  • [06/2022] SIGCOMM’22 Artifact Evaluation Committee

  • [04/2022] ISSTA’22 Artifact Evaluation Committee

  • [04/2022] OSDI’22 Artifact Evaluation Committee

  • [04/2022] USENIX ATC’22 Artifact Evaluation Committee

  • [01/2022] PLDI’22 Artifact Evaluation Committee

  • [01/2022] EuroSys’22 Artifact Evaluation Committee

  • [11/2021] ASPLOS’22 Artifact Evaluation Committee

  • [10/2021] SOSP’21 Graduate Student Mentor

  • [10/2021] Artificial Intelligence Review Paper Reviewer

  • [10/2021] Journal of Supercomputing Paper Reviewer

  • [08/2021] SOSP’21 Artifact Evaluation Committee

  • [07/2021] MICRO’21 Artifact Evaluation Committee

  • [07/2021] SC’21 Artifact Evaluation Committee

  • [10/2020] AAAI’21 Paper Reviewer Committee

  • [09/2019] Teaching Assistant of CS160 (Translation of Programming Languages)

  • [07/2019] Teaching Assistant of CS8 (Python Programming Language)

  • [01/2019] Teaching Assistant of CS16 (C++ Programming Language)


  • [07/2022] 2022 USENIX Student Travel Grant for OSDI'22/USENIX ATC'22

  • [06/2022] 2021-2022 Graduate Student External Award in CS Department of UCSB

  • [11/2021] 2022-2023 NVIDIA Graduate Fellowship (Top 10 out of global applicants)

  • [10/2021] 2021 ACM PACT Student Research Competition (First Prize Winner)

  • [09/2021] 2021 SIGIR Student Travel Grant

  • [06/2021] 2020-2021 Outstanding Publication Award in CS Department of UCSB

  • [06/2020] 2020 Summer GSR recipient in CS Department of UCSB

  • [06/2019] 2019 Summer GSR recipient in CS Department of UCSB

  • [10/2017] Outstanding Graduates Award of UESTC

  • [10/2017] First-class People's Scholarship (2/20 in the Elite Program)

  • [04/2017] Interdisciplinary Contest In Modeling (ICM) [Honorable Mention]

  • [04/2017] Suzhou Industrial Zone Scholarship (2/20 in the Elite Program)

  • [10/2016] International Software Testing Qualifications Board (Certified Tester) [Foundational Level]

  • [04/2016] First-class People's Scholarship (4/116)


  • [10/2022] SAMPLE Talk at University of Washington.

  • [04/2022] NVIDIA GTC'22